Banana chips

 With a pile of quickly browning bananas I tried something other than the usual banana bread recipe. It uses less ingredients, I made them while multitasking about eight other things,  and I don't feel as bad about eating all of them....though I probably had enough bananas to make a large batch of banana chips and a loaf banana bread!
Though I've been swamped lately, I am not one to let a busy schedule get in the way of my baking therapy. Strangely I haven't managed to pick up brown sugar or butter when I go to the grocery store... very essential to my chocolate chip cookie endeavors. I have, however, been stocking up on all sorts of fruits now that the warmer weather has been inspiring. I'm hoping there will be no more of this nonsense:
So back to the bananas...
Banana Chips -or- Dried Bananas
Use as many or as few bananas as you would like: I used about three.
1 or 2 lemons

Preheat oven (or toaster oven for small batches) to 175 - 200º F

-Slice bananas in thin slices no larger than 1/4 in.
-Place banana slices on a parchment lined baking sheet as close as possible without touching each other
-Squeeze or brush lemon juice on banana slices and place your baking sheet in the oven
-Bake the bananas for an 1hr - 1hr 45min, depending on your desired consistency
-After removing the bananas from the oven, let the chips cool on the baking sheet- they may be slightly gooey, but as they cool they will harden

For a more standard "banana chip" texture, you can coat the bananas in a sugar syrup (boiled sugar and water) or you can deep fry banana slices, which is another standard method of making banana chips.

*At this temperature the oven will act more as dehydrator than an oven, hence the long baking time. Depending on how thick you slice the bananas and how crispy you want the chips to be, your baking times may vary. I recommend taking out a few slices at intervals to test the consistency.

Mmm, beautiful banana colors!
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crunchandchew 3/20/11, 12:19 AM  

You take absolutely beautiful photos, I love the one of the grapefruit! And thanks for sharing this recipe, good to know you can make dried bananas without a dehydrator.

CarinE 3/20/11, 4:14 AM  

Thank you so much! I've been dreaming to eat banana chips but I didn't know a right way to make thought your post I know I need to make them right now...tomorrow's breakfast cereal is going to be delicious.

Tine 3/20/11, 7:50 AM  

Oh thanks!
This is a great recipe to use for my Oven-Dried Fruit Challenge! I already dried soms apples and pears, but I also wanted to try bananas.
How easy!

Peggy 3/20/11, 9:45 AM  

Oh yum! Banana chips were my favorite snack as a kid, and who knew that making them myself was so simple!

Erica Julson 3/20/11, 12:38 PM  

yum! these look pretty easy to make, I'll have to try this next time I buy bananas! Plus baking them at home is 10x healthier than any banana chips you can buy in the store. greattt idea.

[Reply] 3/20/11, 11:19 PM  

I love banana chips! My parents have a dehydrator and they make these all the time..they are so addictive!! I will have to try these in the oven..yummy! :)

Kelsey, at Happyolks 3/21/11, 2:12 AM  

these pictures are stunning! I'm so glad I found your blog on tastespotting :) these chips totally lured me in! I'll be back for more :)

Kulsum@JourneyKitchen 3/21/11, 4:09 PM  

one of my fav Indian snack is deep fried banana chips and now that I have come across this I'll find a way to make it and feel less guilty!

siri 3/21/11, 4:13 PM  

Great photos! These look so much better than store bought. Funny that I'd never even thought about making them myself- this would be such a great snack food for my son. I feel you on the never ending snow and winter- we're in the same boat in my part of the world...

Francesca 3/24/11, 4:54 AM  

mmmmmmm yum.

Claire 3/24/11, 6:00 AM  

nice picture. great blog!

xoxo :)

Jucinara 3/29/11, 3:58 PM  

Nice recipe and great, great photos!

Judy 3/29/11, 10:11 PM  

Wow. I just stumbled across your blog (through a post on Naturally Ella that linked to your site), and I have to say, it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I usually don't comment on or 'follow' blogs but I may have to change that! Keep up the good work, seriously.

Kristin @ The Pastry Affair 3/31/11, 9:40 PM  

These look so pretty! I bet they taste good too.

[Reply] 4/2/11, 11:39 PM  

i love it! so much healthier than the standard fried banana chips!

Cookie and Kate 4/8/11, 1:58 PM  

I just made these banana chips! They are cooling now, so I hope they crisp up, but I love the warm, gooey chips, too!

Katrina 4/26/11, 11:51 PM  

I love these! I've only ever made them in a dehydrator and will for sure try them baked since it would take so much less time.

freesia 10/23/11, 2:12 AM  

hello :) i was eating these and thought, I should just make myself.
thank you for the recipe ;D

Anonymous 1/14/12, 6:04 PM  

LOVE Blood Oranges as well as their beautiful colors!

Lisa 1/16/12, 5:48 PM  

Cant wait to make these for the kids. Just wondering how to store them and how long they will be good for. Never dried fruit before so not sure.


Anonymous 4/27/12, 9:23 PM  

My banana chips came out quite brown/black even with the sprinkle of lemon juice... Any tips on how to make them prettier? Thanks!

sweet road 4/28/12, 12:49 PM  

@Anonymous Hmmm... maybe your bananas were too old? Or the temperature was too high? Or the slices were too thick? How exactly did you make them and what were the ingredients you used like?

Anonymous 5/1/12, 11:39 PM  

yes mine came out brown black also and i followed the recipe to the T

sweet road 5/2/12, 2:33 PM  

@Anonymous I'm sorry I don't know what went wrong! Maybe your temperature is too high? The reason for the very low temperature is to simply suck the moisture and act as a dehydrator. If it is too high you may accidentally burn them, so that is maybe what happened. Try baking them at 100º F and see if that helps. Or perhaps your bananas are too old? Are they bruised?

Anonymous 6/22/12, 8:31 AM  

Do you brush the lemon juice on both sides or just the side facing up?

sweet road 6/22/12, 2:06 PM  

@Anonymous I just brushed it on the top side, I hope that helps!

Anonymous 6/22/12, 6:51 PM  

@sweet roadOK thanks, I'm glad because doing both sides would be a pain hahaha.

[Reply] 7/19/12, 12:26 PM  

A brilliant recipe for toddlers and I've enjoyed experimenting with different temperatures and times (gosh I hate how different ovens can be!). Here are my tries:
Thanks for the inspiration!

Kimberly Ryun 7/23/12, 10:23 PM  

If you brush them with sugar water, would you do that before baking or after baking, or after baking and cooling?

sweet road 7/26/12, 8:19 PM  

@Kimberly Ryun I brushed them before baking

Hayley Lacasse 8/25/12, 8:02 PM  

Awesome! I love to post about great snack recipes like this! Come on by and say hi

Anonymous 10/12/12, 9:42 AM  

How to store and for how long can you store?

Simone Anne 11/7/12, 4:00 PM  

Yayy! Making these today... they are in the oven right now! :D I'll let you know how it goes. I'll probably post them on my blog and link back to you if its okay (and if they turn out okay, too!) haha :D

sweet road 11/7/12, 4:14 PM  

@Simone AnneSounds amazing, I hope you like them!

Erin 11/12/12, 2:17 PM  

do you think you could do this with strawberries as well?

Sofia - As We Travel 1/4/13, 1:57 AM  

Great recipe, I don't have a dehydrator so this is great!

Anonymous 2/7/13, 6:40 PM  

how long do these keep for?

Anonymous 4/14/13, 8:41 PM  

So delicious! I added a sprinkle of paprika to mine.

Anonymous 1/25/14, 10:05 AM  

I made these last night. MAGIC! No lemon, just sliced bananas super thin and a sprinkle of salt. I baked them on a grid cooling rack so they got the heat from both sides. Baked for about an hour in my gas stove at 170. So good I ciuldnt wait for them to cool and crisp up. Maybe next time. But these were outstanding.


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