Almond Milk and Figs

Now that we've learned to make rice milk, it's time to make almond milk! And after that you can use it to make oatmeal with blueberries, figs, and honey.
Compared to making rice milk, almond milk is a very low maintenance recipe. All you really have to do is soak almonds overnight, blend them with water in the morning, and strain the liquid. It's so easy!
Almond Milk
1 cup of almonds to every 4 cups of water

-Submerge almonds in water overnight
-Drain the water in the morning
-Put the almonds in a blender with 4 cups of water
-Strain the liquid and set the "pulp" aside
-Now you have almond milk!

*the "pulp" that is left over is almond meal, which can easily be used in recipes for muffins and breads


^^^ this was my first time eating a fig! ^^^
A Really Satisfying Breakfast
Almond Milk

-Cook oatmeal according to directions, but use your fresh almond milk instead of water or regular milk
-Rinse blueberries and figs, cut the figs into quarters, and add to your oatmeal
-Drizzle honey
-Eat breakfast

I wish everything could be as simple and satisfying as breakfast.


Natalie 7/10/11, 11:24 PM  

hey there! lovely blog you have, especially the pictures. this is so up my alley - actually i may have had the exact combination before, though ive only made brazil nut milk, not almond milk (i just drink the store bought stuff, but i should, sometime!). so glad that i stumbled across your blog

ps ive been eating fresh figs like a mad woman because i know theyre going to disappear soon!!

Natalie 7/10/11, 11:26 PM  

btw, are you from the bay area?! because i saw in an earlier post that you mentioned boogaloo's... i still remember a daytrip i took with my friend back in high school when we went to boogaloo's!

sweet road 8/6/11, 5:38 PM  

@Natalie I don't live in the bay area but I spend a lot of time there!


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