Rosemary Fettuccine

Simple instructions for rosemary fettuccine...
 Finely chop 2 1/2 sprigs of rosemary

 Make a well of 1 cup of flour (I used 2/3 a.p. flour and 1/3 whole wheat), then add two eggs to the center.
 Break the eggs with a fork and begin stirring in a circular motion from the center, slowly incorporating all the flour. You can add the rosemary at this step or you can mix it into the flour beforehand.

Once a ball of dough forms, divide it into thirds and send it through your pasta roller (or you can easily do it by hand with a knife or pizza cutter).

 Hang the pasta to dry and cook as usual!


bakerbynature 8/1/11, 11:38 AM  

How beautiful! I have been procrastinating on making homemade pasta for years; I love how you the wonderful flavor of rosemary in yours.

The Dinner Belle for 8/1/11, 3:42 PM  

I just got a pasta maker and this might have to be my first go at it. The rosemary in my garden has exploded and this sounds like a perfect way to use some of it. I can then roast tomatoes from my garden to create a sauce. Thanks for the inspiration!

The Dinner Belle for

Kathleen 8/1/11, 4:36 PM  

That sounds absolutely fabulous. Love your photos too. Thanks for sharing.

philaction 11/22/11, 9:25 AM  

There's nothing like homemade past to infuse healthy ingredients and the smell and flavor of herbs you like. Browsing for recipes to practice on using the Kitchenaid pasta roller I intend to use for the Christmas feast.


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