Tuna, Crispy Shallots, Lemon Adobo Aioli, and Tomato

I don't eat fish too often unless I'm going out to dinner (mmm... sushi), but I had the urge to use up some tuna that had been waiting in the pantry for the day someone might decide to use it. Though tuna in a can isn't always the most exciting ingredient, if you get some better quality tuna like Trader Joe's or Wild Planet tuna and add some creative ingredients, your simple can of tuna can transform into an enticing appetizer like this one!
First, for the Aioli I used this recipe from Epicurious, but instead of herbs I used some extra lemon juice and adobo seasoning.
Here is my version:
2 tbsp water
3 egg yolks
3-4 tbsp lemon juice
1 clove garlic, pressed
1/4 c olive oil
1 tsp adobo seasoning (more or less)
salt & pepper

-Combine the water, yolks, lemon juice, and garlic in a bowl and whisk the ingredients together
-Place the bowl over a double boiler and continue to whisk as the temperature rises to reach 160º F
-The mixture should thicken to the consistency of a thick sauce or slightly runny spread - whisk in  salt and pepper to your liking and remove from the heat

For the shallots:
-Slice one or two shallots
-Fill a shallow pan with enough oil to submerge the sliced shallots
-Bring the heat of the oil to about 180ºF or just slightly over medium temperature
-The shallots should cook for about 5 minutes or until golden-medium brown

To assemble, you'll need:
Sliced and toasted baguette
Sliced tomato
Lemon-adobo aioli
Crispy Shallots
Salt & Pepper

-Place the tomato on top of the toasted baguette slices
-Spread some aioli on top of the tomato slices
-Arrange a few chunks of tuna on top of the aioli and top with cripsy shallots
-Season with salt and pepper

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