Eggs on Toast

That's right, it's fashion week. I have friends who are working for magazines blogging about all the glitz, glam, and hoopla going on, and I am blogging about eggs. Eggs on toast. Because I can.


a. maren 9/9/12, 1:14 AM  

yum! eggs on toast is one of the first things i learned to make, and one of my favorite foods to this day. love it.

Tina@MorePleaseRecipes 9/9/12, 4:56 PM  

I love your third pic of the egg frying in the pan. What camera do you use? How did you get so much light. Whenever I shoot with my Nikon D700, I can't adjust my settings for that amount of light. Any tips?

sweet road 9/9/12, 9:03 PM  

@Tina@MorePleaseRecipesHey Tina, thanks so much! This is actually really funny... I've been needing to update my camera for awhile now and I've had my eye on the D700 but I just don't have the money right now. I use a (very old) D200 which is like the great grandchild of your camera, and I still love it, but photo quality and sensor is old technology.

It's only partially about the settings on your camera. If you are shooting automatic, get a basic photography book and start shooting manual. I never use automatic because ultimately I want to be the brain behind what my camera is doing! In other words, I little to no control over my camera with automatic.

In all of these pictures, but specifically the third photo, I have a few light sources. Every kind of light emits different tones and colors, so learning more about lighting can really help make your photos pop.

Laslty, editing photos is a big plus. Sometimes it's too dark where you are shooting or your light source gives your photos a slight green or blue tint. Having the ability to fix the issues beyond your control in order to make your photos look like what the scene looked like in real life is priceless. I used to hate the idea of editing my photos, but cameras have flaws, so it's essential. Even when you get film developed they are color corrected before you get them back!

I hope that helped! Email me at foundasweetroad (at) gmail (dot) com if you have any more questions.

Jenn Kendall 9/9/12, 10:45 PM  

and now i want eggs on toast!


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