What to eat on days like today...

The chainsaw is buzzing and whirring through the woods outside my window where my dad tears away at dead limbs and tree trunks leftover from an early tornado. It's a hot, humid summer afternoon and I'm sitting on my bed with a fan pointed directly at my face as as I scout out apartment listings while simultaneously browsing recipes. Hoping I can catch some food inspiration as my stomach growls, I catch myself thinking "Why turn on an oven? Why create more heat with a stovetop?"

I head towards the kitchen and settle for brie, some crusty bread, and mesquite honey only to discover I'm not settling at all. This is the most satisfying pairing of crunchy, creamy, savory, and sweet that I could ever achieve with so little effort. As I munch away on one of m favorite snacks of the summer I realize I am very, very content.


Jenn Kendall 9/8/12, 4:10 PM  

i am loving your blog! and now i want to eat this, right now

sweet road 11/4/12, 4:41 PM  

@Jenn Kendall Thank you, that makes me so happy!


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