The Chocolate Before the Storm

Of course safety is everyone's first priority as the hurricane inches closer, only hours from New York and the surrounding east coast states, but there has been a lot of blog optimism and support for what has become known as the biggest storm of our time. After filling bathtubs, collecting flashlights, and stocking up on food, I took the liberty to bake some last minute sweet treats to hold us over during a power outage.
Choux can seem intimidating. It's not. All it requires is water, flour, butter, and salt. See my first blog post (ever) here for a fail-proof choux recipe.
The first batch came out a little flat as you can see... my mistake. I was a little lazy in measuring out the flour so the dough was too thin. I fixed it after these little guys came out of the oven and the next batch came out nice an plump!
Once you have made your little choux puffs you need to make the chocolate mixture and fill the choux. You could do it in your sleep:

4 oz. cream cheese
5 oz. milk or dark chocolate
-Over a double boiler melt the chocolate and the cream cheese together to make a thick, consistent paste
-Let the mixture cool enough to fill a pastry bag
-Poke a hole in the choux puffs with the tip of your pastry bag and squeeze the filling into the choux
-If you don't have a pastry bag you can cut small holes in the sides of the choux with a knife, fill a Ziploc bag with the chocolate mixture, cut off the corner of the Ziploc bag, and poke the tip into the hole to fill the choux (this is what I did)
-Once the filled choux has completely cooled the chocolate center will solidify and take on a thicker, cheesecake-like texture indicating they are ready to enjoy... though it is perfectly acceptable to eat them when they are warm and gooey!


lucia m 10/29/12, 11:14 PM  



his little lady 10/30/12, 12:33 AM  

How perfect! Keep safe, and enjoy those delicious treats in the meantime!!! Yum!
xo TJ

Courtney J 10/30/12, 11:25 PM  

These look delicious!

Hope you are doing A-OK and the storm has passed where you are. I bet these treats helped pass the time!

Jessica Wray 11/4/12, 12:47 PM  

Hope everyone is safe and sound! Nothing like a little chocolate filling to bring a little joy!

sweet road 11/4/12, 4:31 PM  

@Jessica Wray Thank you! Everything was fine. I lost power for about a day, but everyone was safe.

sweet road 11/4/12, 4:33 PM  

@Courtney J The treats definitely helped! The power was only out for about a day, but by the time it came back on everyone had eaten all of these chocolate treats.


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