How Fresh Baked Bread = World Peace

Okay, maybe world peace is a little drastic, but it's true that the scent of fresh baked bread has been proven to cause changes in attitude and temperament, making people more concerned with the well being of others.

Researchers at the University of France in Southern Brittany tested the theory by asking volunteers to stand outside bakeries where the smell of yeast and crisp, warm bread wafted through the air. Another group of volunteers stood outside clothing shops. The volunteers pretended to drop items as they searched through their bags, and over 70 percent of the time strangers would help the clumsy volunteers with their misplaced belongings when they were also immersed in the aroma of baking bread. Outside the clothing stores strangers would help the volunteers only 50 percent of the time.

Think it might just be coincidence? The experiment was repeated over 400 different times. To top it off, real estate agents have also reported the scent of baked goods increases their chances of selling homes.

With the winter holiday season coming around the corner, why not put this new knowledge to use? Everyone knows Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years can be stressful, especially when a lot of family in involved. Make a batch of this baguette dough, freeze it, and bring it out to thaw and bake when guests are expected. Who knows, maybe those pesky cousins will be a little more manageable this year!


Wren KW 11/2/12, 11:58 AM  

I love making my own bread. A sense of peace and happiness certainly settles over the apartment when you can smell baked goods. Oh the power of food.

Angie's Recipes 11/2/12, 1:22 PM  

Nothing beats a fresh homemade loaf!

nikol 11/3/12, 2:38 PM  

omg I love this post and your blog! Is it mainly a food blog?

sweet road 11/3/12, 3:49 PM  

@nikol Hi Nikol! Thanks for stopping by. Yes, my blog is mainly a food blog but I like to incorporate art, fashion, photography, and general lifestyle content every now and then. I'm hoping to expand a bit more in the near future buy you can always count on finding a nice combination of sweet treats and healthy eats here!

sweet road 11/4/12, 4:35 PM  

@Wren KW It's true, baked goods give off that welcoming homey ambiance.

Cassy Workette 11/8/12, 2:26 PM  

any good recipes for Pumpkin bread? or cupcake?

sweet road 11/8/12, 3:01 PM  

@Cassy Workette I just happen to have a recipe for an individual pumpkin cupcake if that's what you're looking for Here:

There is also a bread recipe attached in the post. Hope that helps, and thanks for stopping by!


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