Peanut Butter Banana Non-Recipe

Well my orange juice looks green...
As winter creeps closer and the temperatures drop I can feel my body craving more proteins and fats to make up for the extra hours and calories I spend shivering everyday. Blood circulation is not my body's forte thanks to genetics (anemia and low blood pressure... woohoo!). I decided it's a good excuse to drink more red wine, but I'm also happy to give in to the healthy-fat cravings. Avocados are my #1 but this week I've been craving this simple little peanut butter banana toast for breakfast.

What you need:
Scrumptious super-multi-mega-grain bread with nuts and seeds
A tablespoon of peanut butter
1/2 banana

-Toast your bread until it's a nice balance between warm and soft and crispy
-Spread the peanut butter on the toast... it will begin to melt so resist all urges to eat it immediately
-Slice the banana and place each round strategically so to fit on the toast (some may overlap)


Melissa 11/9/12, 2:57 PM  

Peanut butter & banana on toast is always such a treat. I could go for this right now!

<3 Melissa

life is style 11/9/12, 4:07 PM  

great blog :) so lovely :)
you have new follower, hope you visit me back and follow..kisses

Wren KW 11/9/12, 4:17 PM  

Last year I ate peanut butter and banana toast (with a sprinkling of cinnamon!) every day for the entire winter. It was the best life.

sweet road 11/12/12, 11:57 AM  

It's so delicious and it's fitting for literally any time of day!

sweet road 11/12/12, 11:58 AM  

Thanks! I'll follow your site as well

sweet road 11/12/12, 11:58 AM  

Cinnamon... what a great idea!

Stephanie 11/13/12, 12:37 PM  

Peanut butter and banana is probably my second fave food combo ever (the first being pb & chocolate). I love making peanut butter and banana sandwiches, with a very light dusting of cinnamon sugar on top. :)

PS - Lovely blog! (Found you through the boot)

Stephanie (Big Mario Life)

Anne 11/14/12, 1:44 PM  

sooo going to try this, sounds delicious already. Cool blog!

Emma 11/15/12, 9:19 AM  

One of my favourite breakfasts, banana goes with so much and using lovely rustic bread is so important.

Would you mind if I pinned a couple of your delicious recipes? I will wait for you to say ok or not.

I really love your blog, it's delightful. Thanks for visiting mine ♥


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