Top Blog Discoveries of 2012

 As a blogger it's hard to avoid feeling like a squirrel, frantically gathering and storing the url's of beautiful, nourishing blogs over the span of a year in preparation for the winter. Inevitably, you will lose track of some of them... A lot of them. I constantly scavenge for intriguing content and inspiring aesthetics and it's hard, if not impossible, to pick favorites but I can pick out some great discoveries I've gathered this year. Check them out:
8. Grassdoe 
Grassdoe, the photo blog of Jonathon Levitt is filled with rich, raw and rustic photographs. You can't help but feel a little more relaxed while looking through his photographs of colorful landscapes, simple foods, and furry friends. If you don't have the time or money to take a country vacation Grassdoe will briefly satiate your need to find a calm place buried among hills and trees.

7. Green Kitchen Stories
David and Luise create some of the most reliably vibrant dishes I've seen in the blog world. Bloggers have done an awesome job of letting the world know know what healthy doesn't have to mean tasteless and unappealing, and Green Kitchen Stories is a very convincing case.

6. The Boot
The Boot is a blog hailing from Barletta, Italy (hence the name). Marissa shares romantic photographs of her life as an American living in Italy cooking stunning Italian meals, teaching english, and exploring all that a new home provides.

5. Chasing Delicious
Aside from Russell van Kraayenburg's gorgeous photographs, his voice is poetic and telling of the atmosphere he wants you to experience with him in the kitchen, through food. His "Kitchen 101" segment of the blog is filled with clean, informative designs teaching everything you need to know in the kitchen from conversions and cooking tools to knife cuts. You can also buy these diagrams as posters at The Sweet Tooth.

4. Oh, Ladycakes

 Ashlae wrote a guest post for me last March, only a few months after I had come across her site. Since we were in touch to collaborate I have become an even bigger fan of her blog. She comes up with creative ingredient combinations to make incredibly simple vegan recipes brimming with complex flavors. Vegan recipes can be tricky when you need ingredients that are difficult to find, but Ashlae does a great job of using ingredients that anyone can access. And did I mention she's hilarious? You can always count on Ashlae's words to be either quirky, funny, or heartfelt.

 3. Globetrotter Diaries 
Karen and Valerie travel and self-educate through food. Food is a great provider of information about a country and culture, so why not take advantage and hit the (cook)books? Or more appropriately, the stove. While they cook up a variety of tasty looking meals, they also feature photography from around the world and share information about the food and ingredients they are using. Be sure to take a ride with them this year!

2. A Restless Transplant
Foster Huntington has achieved my ideal life. After working as a designer in New York he packed up to live a life of travel, photography, surfing, and outdoor adventure along the west coast. This lifestyle requires minimalism, resourcefulness, and having an open mind. He makes friends at campsites and along the road, he photographs and writes stimulating accounts of exciting and not-so exciting moments, and he work in social media from his computer to fuel the never-ending adventure. I would be jealous if I weren't inspired.

1. Esther-FromTheSticks
 It's too easy to spend hours browsing though Esther's blog. I definitely did my first time. This girl has got talent and drive that very few people have, and it will definitely take her places. She designs and sews impeccable pieces of clothing and she masterfully photographs the finished designs with a theme and setting to match the mood of the clothes. If that's not enough, she makes fun short films that intertwine her interests in fashion and portraiture. When I was her age I stopped myself from certain creative projects because I thought I needed other people to help, but  Esther makes everything herself and models in all of her photos (and damn, Tyra would be proud). She proves that nothing can stop you, and you are your own best resource to get something accomplished.


Wren KW 12/18/12, 11:02 PM  

I love these. The photography from every blog is so stunning and definitely made me hungry.


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