A Mutt Stew

When you can't decide what you want, sometimes it's not a bad idea to just combine them. That's what happened here with minestrone and wedding soup.

Carrot Coconut Ginger Soup

This was one of those recipes that evolved out of miscellaneous leftover ingredients though it is inspired by some other curried carrot or carrot ginger soup recipes that have been hanging out on my "to-make" list. This is another small batch recipe - enough for two or a lot for one.

Lentil Sliders

How many times have you attempted a veggie burger recipe only to find that it crumbles apart? 

This has happened to me way too many times, and though it may very well be true that I am just incapable of making a decent veggie burger, I would like to think that maybe I just haven't found a good veggie burger recipe until now.

How I Was Taught To Make Pizza

I wish I had taken more photos... these are just snapshots with my phone. Even for cell phone photos, I think they do this pizza justice. The best way to achieve a really delicious and authentic pizza is to KEEP IT SIMPLE! Showcase just a few quality ingredients, and don't use sauce, just fresh tomatoes. If you must use sauce, spread it as thin as possible. I once worked in a kitchen where we used about a tablespoon of sauce for a pizza that was about 18 inches across, and I have never had better pizza!

The importance of eating breakfast

There are way too many breakfast skippers in the world. That includes the "coffee for breakfast" breed. Let me tell you why breakfast is so awesome...

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