European Daydreams in Bushwick

This is what I would like to imagine it looks like when I go out do dinner, but it's only half true. As much as I would like to wear dresses more, I don't. I love pants. Black pants, denim pants, ripped pants, patterned pants, all pants. Oh, and there's usually food on the table. That's the most important part

This drawing did come from real life though. It was inspired by a dinner at Moto (Oh, and I did wear a dress, actually) on Broadway and Division-the last place you would expect to find a bluesy french getaway from the putrid Bushwick streets. Sorry guys, not a huge fan of Bushwick here. You've got a west coast soul here, something that doesn't mix well with industrial concrete and skies blocked by train tracks. Step into Moto and the sound of those trains become steam engine trains, and maybe over the course of your dinner  those unbelievably fashionable pants will magically turn into a scandalous flapper dress. But if, for some reason, those dreams don't come true, I can guarantee you'll have some food on the table. Try the date cake... I'll leave it at that.


Emma 10/14/13, 6:38 PM  

I have European dreams often, oh and that sketch is beautiful.


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