Vermont Daydreaming

Vermont and New York are not similar. I have never heard a convincing comparison, but over the past week or so the weather in Brooklyn has been cooling down and the 4p.m. light is strikingly similar to quiet, late afternoons in the hills of Vermont where the closest thing to "loud" is the symphony of chirping crickets.

I've been buying Woodchuck Cider and dreaming about cider donuts or something, anything with maple syrup, and I've been hallucinating the changing of leaves on the few trees emerging from the concrete in my neighborhood.

Red Hook is unique. Unlike the fashion-drenched Manhattan and Williamsburg, Red Hook is filled with studios, woodshops, and furniture designers which means I see more dirty shirts and loose fitting, worn-out jeans or carharts than I see fashionably tight pants, heels, and chic haricuts.Vermont? Yeah, a little.

During the day you don't hear cars passing by blasting bass like you would other Brooklyn neighborhoods. Plenty of trucks drive along the road below, creaking and bouncing as they hit bumps in the road, but the most you'll hear is the soft "shhhhh" of the wheels and an occasional car alarm. The silence between the cars sounds like Vermont. The 68ยบ breeze feels like Vermont. But just as my surroundings have temporarily tricked my mind into thinking I'm in a more serene, natural setting, someone has parked below my apartment blasting Maroon 5. Time for a fall vacation.


Rita Scamander 8/24/13, 4:19 PM  

Brown :)

FASHION ICE 10/5/13, 12:07 AM  

these photos are beautiful

Jo@The Desert Echo 10/16/13, 8:29 PM  

Hi! I love your photos, it's so cool seeing people's everyday lives on the other side of the globe. :)

itsaromanthing 10/29/13, 10:45 AM  

Gorgeous! There's just nothing like the Northeast in the fall.


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